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Ghostemane Roblox id | Ghostemane music codes 2021

Ghostemane Roblox id | Ghostemane music codes 2021

Eric Whitney, known as ghostemane, is an American rapper and singer. He gained popularity because of rap and metal. He gave many hit songs, including john dee, mercury, and Andromeda. His songs are full of energy, so listening to ghostemane while playing Roblox would be a treat.

Ghostemane Roblox id :

Here are the Roblox IDs of all the hit songs of Ghostemane

Black Blade Katana  3450389181
Hades  4475999019
Trench Coat  2632400420
Boomerang  4398600028
The Whole Where My Head Once Lived  664173201
Until the light takes us  1805967920
Kali Yuga  1001814320
Choronzon  1271959677
Pentacles  1041455794
Venom  1351628161
Swan   3071979844
Lake shore drive  748479598
John Dee  550365543
Mercury  1083429812
Hack Slash  1468437298
Trenchcoat  2632400420
Caligula  1217253908
Bonesaw   2663153391
Niagara  1086850081
Leprocy  483967760
Blackmage  2032839218
Rake  1725929875
Elixir    2018599681
Flesh  2663119336
Broken  2924568384
Gattaca  2492536732
Kybalion   1653309090
Nihil  2517837632

How to play these songs on Roblox :

playing songs in Roblox is really easy, but it depends on the game. Some games have free radio so you can play your favourite song by placing song id on radio or boombox. While in some games you have to buy a game pass for playing songs on the radio.

Once you have figured out about how to play songs, you will need songs code to play songs. You will find more than a million Roblox songs id on our website. Just copy code of your favourite song and enjoy.

How to upload your own audio file in Roblox :

if you are music creator and you want to add your individual sound files in games, then Roblox allows all developers to add their own audio files in sports, but it could be costly

Steps to upload your own audio files in Roblox :

  • first login to your Roblox account
  • now click on create a button on the navbar
  • Click on audio
  • Now browse and select the audio that you want to upload
  • Now click on estimate price. It will tell you about the Robux cost of the upload
  • After finalizing everything click on purchase.

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