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Neffex Roblox id | Roblox music codes

Neffex Roblox id | Roblox music codes

Neffex is an American musical duo. Bryce savage and Cameron wales are famous for electronic and rap genre. They have created many hit songs. We have many Roblox IDs of almost every song of neffex in the table below. Just copy the code and paste it in your boombox of the Roblox game.

Neffex Roblox id :

Here is Roblox IDs of all neffex songs

Lose my mind  3202474093
Pull me apart  3573415985
Myself   4216306082
Take me back again  4292844205
It’s just not fair  4272505928
Can’t lose   4666871453
Go hard   4024794273
Savage  4955817539
Primal  4977889569
We could do it all    2663145207
All These Thoughts  1894006946
Lost Within  2694526121
Things Are Gonna Get Better  1045881362
Save Me  1498035644
Fall Asleep  2158528793
Hate It or Love It  2344663933
Broken Dreams  2335963424
Let Me Down  2714491191
Runaway  2856236998
Numb  2545958785
Chance  2532744043  
Blow Up  825083960
Best of Me  1054426806
Fight Back  2776462258
Grateful   1517320691
Self Made  1636049944
Mirror  2903702709
Hope  1972238279
Alive  2614689266
Make it  2772135591
Crown  824178484
Nightmare  1404221783
Life   1547067732
Struggle  2827900176
Cold  3017465331
Careless  1159569975
Soldier  1941894084
3Rumors  2108865698
Memories Backstage  2478011464
Destiny  1145101566
Backstage  1286392033

How to play these songs on Roblox :

playing songs in Roblox is easy, but it depends on the game. Some games have free radio so you can play your favorite song by placing song id on radio or boombox. While in some games you have to buy a game pass for playing songs on the radio.

Once you have figured out about how to play songs, you will need songs code to play songs. You will find more than a million Roblox songs id on our website. Just copy the law of your favorite song and enjoy it.

How to upload your audio file in Roblox :

if you are music creator and you want to add your sound files in games, then Roblox allows all developers to add their audio files in sports, but it could be costly

steps to upload your audio files in Roblox :

  • first login to your Roblox account
  • now click on create a button on the navbar
  • Click on audio
  • Now browse and select the sound that you want to upload
  • Now click on estimate price. It will tell you about the Robux cost of the upload
  • After finalizing everything, click on purchase.
  • After purchasing you can add audio to any game place through configure page