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Through the Fire and Flames Roblox ID I Dragonforce

Through the Fire and Flames Roblox ID I Dragonforce

The Song is about World War II and the Americans vs. the Japanese. Through the Fire and Flames is released by the English band DragonForce. The track is acclaimed as the best and successful track by the band. The tune is a solitary just as the first track from DragonForce’s third collection, Inhuman Rampage, and highlights quick twin-guitar performances by Herman Li and Sam Totman.

This track was written in the key of C minor but standard E tuning, and just like most other DragonForce songs, it is written in a fast tempo of 200 beats per minute with a standard time signature.

When I first heard this song, the first thing that popped into my mind was “Journey” meets “VanHalen” meets a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF ASS KICKING. I listen to this song every morning to get pumped for work. I bust a nut every time they play that guitar solo.

Artist: DragonForce

Album: Inhuman Rampage

Released: 2005

Label: Sanctuary/Roadrunner (UK); Roadrunner/Universal (US)

Length: 5:00 (Radio/video edit); 7:22 (Album version)

Genres: Power metal, Progressive Metal, Metal

Through the Fire and Flames id:

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